Alton E. Pete

-Iraqi War Combat Veteran
-United States Army, Retired and Author, Writer

“Alton Pete has demonstrated and learned how to be a selfless leader. To lead by example, use those creative ideas to make an impact on the community and this entire world.”


Viewed a kind, humbled, respectful, caring, uplifted, motivator with a heart of compassion to love by actions and not words alone. Alton Pete has demonstrated and learned how to be a selfless leader. To lead by example, use those creative ideas to make an impact on the community and this entire world. 

Collectively, we all are God’s people and we can make a positive change to help revitalize someone’s life. Alton Pete has decided five years ago to do just that by taking a Leap of Faith along with some Courage by starting a movement from his creative thinking, writing an amazing book and now on his way to launching his Brand “Life is so Precious.”

Born in a military hospital 19 January 1967, Oakland, California. From his Dad being drafted during the Vietnam War. Pete was also compelled to join the Army and was a Decorated Soldier with a successful career on 26 June 1987 – 1 March 2014 from both his Dad and Uncle Ervin Harris. The Army is where it began, how to be a better man. I’ve seen the world, visited nearly 10 countries. Learned 2 other languages besides English (German and Spanish) a 16 month tour into Battle, fighting in Harm’s Way in Iraq. All of this rigid training and noteworthy experience has made me, who I am today.  

Iraq was an eye opener for Pete. He came close so many times of losing his life from a few occurrences such as those mortal rounds landing a few feet away from the position the soldiers and I were standing near our sleeping areas. Bouncing off the wall, but the Grace of God didn’t allow those mortal rounds to explode in front of us. You know! They are strong enough to blow up a city or strong enough to destroy the up-armored military tactical vehicles hundreds of feet in the air. I’ll never forget the moment at the DFAC(Dining Facility) around I think, 1115 hours we came under fire attack from the Iraqis with their Ak47 weapons. Those big rounds were ricocheting off the cement barriers, you could hear the sounds of the rounds whistling by in your ears and once again by the Grace of God, not one person got hit. So after facing these undergoing experiences, losing both my mom and my sister. Those few Powerful Words “Life is so Precious” began to rise up, inside of me. I owe God and I owe myself to utilize my gifts and talents to start this terrific, brilliant and dazzling movement.

Pete, has gone to War to Save Lives. His desire Today and Tomorrow is to Touch Lives through a consequential, far-reaching, approachable and relatable way.

Pete feels extremely connected to people of all ages, no matter who they are and where they are from. Here’s some encouraging words to pour into someone’s darky, dark world or to those who are unhappy about life’s ups and downs. We all have struggles over something, I have to fight every single day to overcome my struggles. Things are going to get better. Your History is just designed to give You a Story. There is so much more waiting on You looking forward than what you have left behind. Changes, Faith, Sometimes Life are and will always be uncomfortable. Going through the fire or dealing with some hungry lions in a den can be challenging. But, if you can just Hold on and Don’t Give Up; You Will Win and Remember, You are Powerful. You’re even Stronger than you think you are. You are Greater Today than Yesterday.

“Life is so Precious” will continue to be a positive outlet and will provide a ray of Hope to the hopeless and a builder of Comfort to the comfortless. This is my way of inspiring you and sending aspirations your way.

I care…

Alton E. Pete